Key Technical Issues

Among the key issues that PSIRP will have to address are:
  • Scalability: How scalable is the proposed solution, to be evaluated through proper quantitative methods.

  • Security: Security cannot be treated as a separate entity but as an integral part of the design and implementation. Among the most difficult security challenges are protection against unsolicited traffic and denial of service (DoS). Security is to be evaluated by virtue of a Red Team that will attempt to “break” the design.

  • Efficiency: Efficient distribution of massive amounts of information, including video, mandates the use of multicasting and caching. In the new architecture, multicast is not the exception but the norm.
  • Socio-economic Impact: Designing an architecture also means enabling business prospects. Understanding the impact on future businesses and society as a whole as well as the larger economic impact is crucial for evaluating the viability of the proposed solution.
  • Exploitation: The usefulness of any technical innovation is strictly limited by its ease of use. The Internet is a unique tool in this regard because it has an enormous user-base whose members fall under a broad spectrum of competencies. PSIRP solutions will be designed so as to provide powerful benefits to the entire range of Internet users.