Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is a dynamic institution of higher education in Greece, founded in 1920. The Department of Computer Science/Informatics emphasizes research, both theoretical and applied, and graduate studies. Externally funded research is undertaken through the Research Centre (AUEB-RC) established in 1983. A group of three faculty members and roughly ten graduate students will be involved in the PSIRP project through the Mobile Multimedia (MMLab). The MMLab has made considerable contributions to wireless mobile multimedia networking, including application, protocol and systems analysis, design, simulation, and prototype development. It is headed by Prof. George Polyzos.

Prof. Polyzos and his group at the University of California, San Diego were among the pioneers of IP-based wireless and mobile communications, collaborating on many Internet studies with the San Diego Supercomputer Center, a key node on the original Internet backbone and for the evolution of the Internet. The group has dedicated laboratory facilities, including a multi-vendor wireless network that extends to many parts of the university, as well as experience with real ad-hoc and sensor networks. The members of the lab have an extensive list of publications, broad experience in US academic and industrial research projects, and they have participated in a number of IST projects in the last few years (such as M3I, DB-Globe, MMAPPS, B-Bone, Euro-N/FGI, and others).

Vaggelis Douros
douros06 (a)
Nikos Fotiou
fotiou (a)
Pantelis Frangoudis
pfrag (a)
Konstantinos Katsaros
ntinos (a)
Giannis Marias
marias (a)
Giannis provides support on security issues and is working with the red team to evaluate the robustness of the PSIRP architecture.
George Polyzos
Professor, Director Mobile Multimedia Lab
Tel.: +30 210 8203 650
Fax: +30 210 8203 325
Lab: +30 210 8203 693
polyzos (a)
Leading the AUEB team. Contributing to evaluation (the red team, multicast, mobility).
George Xylomenos
Assistant Professor
xgeorge (a)
George is working on the design, implementation, and evaluation of support for multicasting and mobility.