Oy LM Ericsson Ab (LMF)

Oy LM Ericson Ab is a company in the Ericsson Group. Ericsson Research is a corporate unit of the Ericsson Group performing cutting-edge research through cooperation with partners, customers, universities, and research institutes around the world. Part of Ericsson Research is hosted by Oy LM Ericsson Ab. 

Ericsson Research's IP networks research performs highly qualified technical research work focused on developing novel networking systems, concepts, and architecture, as well as a number of different networking aspects such as mobility, quality of service, traffic modelling, and performance. Additionally, security, sensor networking, future Internet revolutions and network management are four increasingly important research areas that are covered within IP networks research. Ericsson Research is active in standardization e.g. in 3GPP and IETF, as well as in implementing prototypes of future networking solutions, such as MIPv6 extensions and Host Identity Protocol based solutions.

Petri Jokela
Petri (dot) Jokela (a) ericsson.com
Tony Jokikyyny
Tony (dot) Jokikyyny (a) ericsson.com
Jimmy Kjällman
jimmy (dot) kjallman (a) ericsson.com
Network attachment, prototype implementation.
Pekka Nikander
Chief Scientist
Pekka (dot) Nikander (a) ericsson.com
Teemu Rinta-aho
Senior Research Scientist, M.Sc.
+358 40 562 3066
Operating system level implementation of the PSIRP prototypes.
Bengt Sahlin
Bengt (dot) Sahlin (a) ericsson.com
Mikko Särelä
Research Scientist, M.Sc.
Mikko (dot) Sarela (a) ericsson.com
Network architecture, compensation, network security economics.
Raimo Vuopionperä
Raimo (dot) vuopionpera (a) ericsson.com
Jukka Ylitalo
Jukka (dot) Ylitalo (a) ericsson.com