Ericsson Hungary Ltd. (ETH)

The Research and Development Department of Ericsson Hungary is part of Ericsson's global R&D network. The department employs 560 talented young engineers, researchers, and software developers. The existence of high competence inspired Ericsson Hungary to establish close relations with local universities and educational centres. As part of this cooperation, Ericsson Hungary has three laboratories (the High Speed Networks Lab, the Complex Hardware Design Lab at BUTE, and the Communication Network Lab at ELTE) and gives about 100 PhD students the opportunity to work in various fields of telecommunications research.

Ericsson Hungary established its software development centre in 1991, while the Traffic Research Laboratory started operating in 1996. The mission for the research lab is to provide Ericsson with system concepts, technology, and methodology, to secure long term competitive product provisioning. Our key competence areas include traffic measurements and modeling, transport network and resource management, and mobile systems beyond the third generation.

András Császár
Research Fellow
andras (dot) csaszar (a)
András is the main ETH contact. He works on PSIRP's routing and forwarding problems, first on the mechanisms and then on the quantitative evaluation of the architecture.
Szabolcs Malomsoky
Head of TrafficLab
szabolcs (dot) malomsoky (a)
Szabolcs is the ETH delegate in the PSIRP project management committee (PMC).
András Zahemszky
andras (dot) zahemszky (a)
András works on scalable routing solutions in the architecture design process and is also involved in PSIRP network simulation and emulation code development.